Yadira & Romen

I always dreamed of a couple in these places on my island, Lanzarote. Go between a mixture of desert and lunar landscape. I took Yadira & amp; Romen by one of the most impressive trails of Lanzarote, stopping in an old corral near Timanfaya with very ocher colors of my style, here you can see your dinner with the impeccable taste of the girls of Lanzarote Beach Wedding setting up a rustic style table on a coil of cable, the originality of the cake was Sandra Petilo, she also said that it was very good and that the couple let me try it .

Yadira & amp; Romen make a great couple, they want to die and, most importantly, they are happy. She wore a dress from Otaduy , specifically the Galatea model, full of stars, fluid and youthful. And Romen a look of Calvin Klein a hand of the boys of Ferrer Moda.

Of course, we do not forget the January wind that took us by surprise and that the trade wind is a wind that usually starts in June until August on the island, it was very playful and we could have a good time with it 🙂