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My name is Alejandro Diaz and I am a destinarion wedding photographer

I am currently based in Lanzarote, where I was born and raised. And although I have lived outside seasons, it may be that the energy that this land gives off and the magic of its landscapes have contributed to make it very clear that this is where I want to live the rest of my life.

Since my childhood I´ve been attracted by the audiovisual world. In fact, I've always been linked, in one way or another, to music, film and photography.

My dreams of being "protagonist" of love stories made me start playing the guitar. I used to composed the lyrics of my own songs, accompanying them with melodies, wishing that one day they would be references for many couples. But it is already known that fate is capricious and wanted me to be, and not my songs, who would tell those stories through the lens of a camera.

And my eagerness to capture unforgettable moments forever made me decide to move to Madrid to study a Certificate of Higher Education on Image and Sound for Audiovisuals, in the renowned CEV School of Image and Sound of Madrid.

During my studies I began to participate in several projects and to develop my first jobs as a photographer. I knew then that I had made the right choice and that I had found the profession of my life


After finishing my studies, I headed back to the island of the Volcanoes. To home. And as a newcomer in a world partly unknown to me to date, with the insecurity of a novice, I started my project from scratch: a photographic seal specialized in the bridal and couples segment.

My works run away from conventional wedding photo reports, forced poses, and try to capture more natural planes and gestures, smiles and looks that tell the true story of love between two people.

About me, the one who hides behind the lens, I consider myself a humble person, passionate about life and small moments, sea, sports, music and travel lover; responsible, versatile and in love with my profession that I deeply respect and admire and with which I enjoy as the dreamy child that I once was and I still am.

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