New York

It has always been a dream for me to travel to the United States, and especially to New York City,  after a great season in 2018, I decided to set course to the United States of America, specifically to New York, my plan was to visit the city, relax, take some personal photos and especially feel in like in a movie. We organized an elopement with Luis & Sofia in the Brooklyn area, specifically in DUMBO, the colors of the area, the light, the skyline, the couple ... everything was like in a movie. I wanted to teach them something like that, something outside of my surroundings and my landscapes ...


For sofía we chose a design from the Spanish brand otaduy   with sleeves in flight and very simple to walk and walk through the streets of the big city ... for Luis it was his own choice, but always respecting colors and style.

While the bouquet loaned by parkandbloom with very soft tones and according to the locations, costume and makeup.

If you have arrived here and you like my style of story telling, you can contact me here.

Sofia & Luis

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