Wedding in La Geria

I met Carmen and Jota on her wedding day. Although it may seem incredible, practically all communication was through one of your guests and good friend.
When I saw them for the first time, I was surprised by the spectacular tandem they made: the impressive beauty of Carmen and the style of Jota. A couple that by themselves transmit a lot of energy and makes them form the perfect match. And that energy, I think it’s the one that made everything on that special day come out embroidered. Attentive to your story:
They got married in the middle of the Geria. She came up with a camel typical of Lanzarote. Spectacular!!! Each time I pressed the button on my camera, the beautiful ones were on edge when I saw so many exciting situations. Without a doubt of the best moments of my career.
As you can imagine, with this handsome couple and that joy they gave off, they made countless special moments continually. You can imagine how complicated the selection has been; I’ve had a terrible time !!! But mission accomplished! Here they have this festival of love.

Carmen & Jota

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