The vibe kicked off with the open-air ceremony on Pedro Barba's beach, where Ana and Kevin made their promises in front of the sea and the Famara cliff. We were surrounded by their closest friends and family, and the atmosphere was pure, with the relaxed sound of waves breaking against the pier.

Later, we headed to the family house, a typical spot in Pedro Barba oozing with the village's good vibes. The house was filled with stories and warmth, and that's where the party continued. Laughter, mind-blowing Canarian dishes, and an energy that's hard to put into words.

Picture this: Ana, Kevin, and their crew grooving under the stars. I captured all of that, so get ready to relive every laugh, tear of joy, and dance move.

If you want an authentic and emotion-packed glimpse into Ana and Kevin's wedding on La Graciosa, you're in the right place. Check out the photos; each one tells its own story. It was an honor to be part of their day, and I'm here to share that bit of magic we experienced on La Graciosa.

Thanks for being here and being part of this special story!

Ana & Kevin

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