Mallorca wedding photographer

Shoot a wedding in Mallorca is a pleasure for a wedding photographer.

I flew from Barcelona to Mallorca on Friday before the wedding day, the weekend seemed perfect for getting married, with an incredible sun and ideal weather. 

Charlotte & Ben were married by the Jewish rite with the 7 blessings, this was going to be my first Jewish wedding, and the first time I photographed a "Jupa" !.

Details and story telling

I was madly in love with each of the details of this wedding, but above all I always end up satisfied with the power of having photographed each one of the emotions that happened in the day, telling stories is what I like and I think that Jodie & Harry have a I remember your wedding in Ibiza, beautiful for all your lives.

If you have arrived here and you like my style of story telling, you can contact me here.

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