Shahad & Jack | Wedding in Marrakech

Wedding photographer in Marrakech

When they told me that I was going to travel to Marrakech to do a wedding, I could not believe it. I flew to Marrakech from the Canary Islands, with direct flight 3 days before the wedding of Shahad & Jack, I always like to visit the area a few days before to know a little about the locations, the hours of light and their colors.

Welcome Party in Marrakech

The day before the wedding, you attend a small party called Welcome Party, which is always held at destination weddings, it is useful for all guests to get in touch before the big day, and we photographers help us to get to know the customer and a little connect with everything. The party was held in the same place where it was going to be the whole wedding, Ceremony & Celebration. Specifically, Jnane Tamsna is a hotel boutique house in the Palmeraiee area of ​​Marrakech. In the small party there was a small camel ride, local food and Moroccan music enlivened by a DJ Albel Ray..

The wedding day

On the day of the wedding we got up feeling that it was going to be a bit hard since that same day there was 48º of temperature in Marrakech. I attended Shahad’s preparations at the Hotel la Mamounia, and then took the pictures of Jack’s preparations in the same House of Ceremony & Celebration.

Moroccan emotions and traditions

Shahad’s entrance to the ceremony with his father and Jack’s gaze at that moment is one of my favorite photos. After the Ceremony and posed the bride and groom danced to the rhythm of music with traditional instruments. A very nice wedding that I would like you to enjoy.

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I accompanied my great friend Aljosa Petric in this wedding




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